This week has been an amazing week for conservatives with a number of very significant victories at the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, upheld the travel ban, and ruled against powerful unions.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California law that required pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to post information on how to receive an abortion. According to Fox News, “the law also required unlicensed, non-medical facilities to inform clients that they are not licensed medical providers.”  These centers serve pregnant women by offering services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counseling, and more. The ruling by the Supreme Court will protect the very important work that crisis pregnancy centers do to help women who are expecting.

Also on Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld President Trump’s travel ban affecting several countries. This ruling is the first Supreme Court decision on a policy from the President’s administration. Click here for a statement from President Trump on the ruling.

One day later on Wednesday, the Supreme Court made an extremely important decision in which they ruled against powerful unions in the case Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. This particular ruling prevents workers from being forced to pay fees to public sector unions. As National Review reports in other words, the decision denies “the unions’ right to force individuals who are opposed to their positions and policies to pay into union coffers.” Thanks to this ruling, public employees are not forced to pay fees to unions that they do not support.

In addition to these three very important rulings, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he will be retiring after 30 years of serving on the high court. Originally appointed by President Ronald Reagan, we are very thankful for Justice Kennedy’s service. His retirement opens up the door for President Trump to really secure a conservative majority in the United States Supreme Court. Click here for a list of candidates being considered by the President.

With the rulings on crisis pregnancy centers, President Trump’s travel ban, and powerful unions, Republicans saw three huge wins in the Supreme Court this week. Now, as the work begins to replace Justice Kennedy, Republicans have the opportunity to assure a conservative United State Supreme Court.

Earlier today, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he will be filing his 24th lawsuit against President Trump, this time over family separation at the border.

This lawsuit comes just one day after President Trump signed an executive order that will address separation of children from their parents as the United States Government deals with pressures caused by illegal immigration.

While the President and Congress have worked cooperatively to come up with real solutions to this country’s immigration problems, local Democrat politicians are pulling political stunts. In addition to the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ferguson, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan recently took a trip to the Mexican border, with the mayors of Los Angeles and El Paso, to exploit the problems there for political value.

Attorney General Ferguson and Mayor Durkan are out of touch with the people they have sworn to serve.

The people of Seattle deserve a Mayor who is focused on the perilous crisis in her city and all Washingtonians deserve an Attorney General who is focused on serving the interests of those who call this state home. Our country needs serious immigration reform, not grandstanding or photo opportunities. And we need it now.

Last month, the Seattle City Council approved a tax on jobs that would charge the city’s 600 largest companies $275 per employee. Immediately after this tax was passed, Seattle residents made sure their voices were heard loud and clear: a jobs tax would hurt Seattle.

Also immediately following the vote, a referendum called No Tax on Jobs that quickly gathered strong support from all over the city was created to repeal the tax. According to KING 5, the important referendum received more than 45,000 signatures, which is almost triple the required amount, as 17,632 signatures would be needed to get it on the ballot.

After just one month since the law had been passed and a whole lot of outrage, the Seattle City Council voted to repeal the jobs tax. Sadly, the about face was not because the city council listened to voters. Seattle City Councilmembers see their listening activities as little more than an opportunity to hear opposing points of view, which they use against the well meaning citizens who think their city council cares about their concerns. In politics we call that easy opposition research! Rather, in the face of certain embarrassment that their misguided jobs tax would be repealed by a super majority of voters in November, the Seattle City Council repealed it themselves.

As Seattle City Councilmembers work to cover their tracks, we cannot forget about the failed jobs tax. The city council will no doubt use every opportunity going forward to recoup the lost opportunity to hit-up the employers and citizens in Seattle to pay for their Utopian housing policies. Voters in Seattle must remain vigilant, remembering the misguided jobs tax and other ill advised efforts when they vote in November 2019, when there will be seven councilmembers up for reelection.

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for your car-tabs? You’re not alone. Earlier this week, seven Puget Sound area residents filed a class-action lawsuit against Sound Transit, claiming the transit organization has “unconstitutionally collected car-tab taxes.”

Sound Transit uses a vehicle valuation system that is extremely outdated and has lead to skyrocketing car-tab fees. According to KING 5, “The issue hinges on a Senate bill that Governor Jay Inslee signed in July 2015, allowing Sound Transit to ask for voter approval for additional funding for Sound Transit 3 (ST3)… The suit claims the Senate bill was unconstitutional, because it referenced a motor vehicle excise tax and valuation schedule that the state legislature had repealed 15 years prior.”

State Senator Phil Fortunato (R- Auburn) recruited the lawyers for the suit, which is seeking over $240 million in damages from Sound Transit.

As Sound Transit has continued to use a repealed vehicle valuation system that leads to car-tab fees of hundreds of dollars, many Puget Sound residents are rightfully upset. Voters got more than they bargained for with the new car-tab tax increase. Thankfully, Republicans like Senator Fortunato are working to make sure car owners see car-tab relief.

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