King County Republican Party 2016-09-16T17:58:18Z WordPress Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Vote: No Income Tax]]> 2016-09-16T17:23:37Z 2016-09-16T17:23:37Z “A progressive tax system at both the federal and state level, including taxing unearned income at the same rate as earned income, a state income tax offset by cuts in regressive taxes (e.g. sales tax), a state capital gains (income) tax, eliminating the Business and Occupation tax in favor of a flat 1% corporate income tax, and a 0.25% financial transaction tax on Wall Street trading.”

You may be thinking, “what did I just read?” Welcome to the 2016 Washington Democrat Party Platform. An income tax, or lack thereof, attracts innovative business, retirees, and millennials from all over the 50 states. Over the years, Washington voters have made themselves clear, we don’t want a state income tax. But with the McCleary case up in the air and the November election less than 60 days away, should we be worried?

Most recently, in 2010, voters shut down the state-wide initiative that would have implemented the long sought after income tax by the Democrats. Yet, every year, Democrat legislators present new legislation proposing in one way or another, a state income tax. Seattle-based lawmakers aren’t shy in their support of an income tax, but venture outside the city, and Democrats are not so quick to give explicit support. They know their constituents don’t want a state income-tax, so they substitute one tax for another, hoping voters can’t tell the difference. If the IRS doesn’t quibble about the different types of income tax, why should Washington voters?

It is not only important to King County, but to the entire state, that we hold a Republican majority in the State Senate, and win the majority in the State House. In 2012, Candidate Jay Inslee gave lip service in his opposition to new taxes and promised to veto them. Governor Jay Inslee was quick to reverse this position once elected, ruining any credibility he may have had on the issue. Inslee can debate the semantics of capital gains vs. income tax, but the end result is the same.

The 2017-2018 Legislative session will tackle a new budget including the very important McCleary decision to fully fund education in our state. It’s time Washington had a Republican governor to work with the legislature in Olympia to defeat any efforts towards a state income-tax.

Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Now Hiring!]]> 2016-09-11T00:37:04Z 2016-09-10T23:31:49Z Interested in helping elect Republicans in King County on the ground level? Election Day is quickly approaching, and the KCGOP needs your help.

The King County Republican Party is seeking independent, motivated and personable applicants for door to door canvassing in locations throughout King County from now through the November General Election.

Paid positions are available at $15 an hour, starting immediately. No prior campaign experience required.

If you are interested in a position, please contact Arthur Whitten ( with work history and references.


Lori Sotelo <![CDATA[Save the Date! KCGOP Liberty Dinner & Auction]]> 2016-09-09T16:34:57Z 2016-09-09T16:34:57Z Save the Date! 

King County Republican Party 
2016 Liberty Dinner & Auction 
When? Thursday, October 27th 
Where? Hyatt Regency Bellevue. 

Look for ticket sales to open in two weeks. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of our most exciting auction to date. The KCGOP is thrilled that the highly popular auctioneer, John Curley, will be joining us again for what is sure to be a terrific evening.

Would you like to donate an auction item? Click here to provide procurement information or call Arthur at 425-990-0404 today. Your contribution to this year’s auction plays a significant part in making this event a great success.

Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Donald Trump Makes Waves in Washington]]> 2016-09-02T18:01:55Z 2016-09-02T17:44:14Z CrIlft1UkAAujYq.jpg-large

Supporters began lining up at 2am, Tuesday morning to be first in the arena for the Everett Trump Rally. Washingtonians from all over the state gathered in Everett to attend the first visit by a GOP presidential nominee since President George W. Bush. By the early afternoon, a sea of red “Make America Great Again” hats could be seen ten blocks down the road from the Xfinity Arena.

Donald Trump’s arrival to Western Washington was a lively affair and an evening to remember. The rally drew thousands of supporters from areas in Washington that are proclaimed blue territory. Nonetheless, the arena was filled to capacity and thousands were left waiting for a chance to get in. According to Trump, the Washington rally made record breaking attendance.

The nominee’s decision to host a rally in Western Washington was questioned by Democrats, the media, and even some GOP loyalists, but Trump asserted he is determined to turn Washington Red despite precedence. Despite naysayers who claimed the rally would be a waste of time, Donald Trump proved himself committed to his western supporters. One thing is for certain, Donald J. Trump is determined to abolish stereotypes and reach those Seattle conservatives who most have written off. It may be an uphill battle for the Trump campaign in Washington, but he certainly is not shying away from that fight.

“Why am I here?” he asked the lively crowd. “We’re going to win it, that’s why I’m here. This is going to be your victory, it is going to be your victory, it is going to be your victory.”

During the evening attendees heard from several Washington locals; State Senator Dansel, Senator Benton, and Senator Ericksen all shared their support for Trump with the crowd. And there was an unconventional, but inspiring and down to earth moment when several local Republicans were called on stage to give their reasons for supporting the nominee. Trump surprised supporters when Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and Senator Jeff Sessions took the stage. The rally showcased the powerful influence that the grassroots serves for the national campaign. Over $1.5 million was raised by local donors during the evening’s fundraiser.

Trump_Everett_33-1020x680“This is what I’m promising: an honest government, a thriving economy, a just society…and jobs, lots of jobs.” “I’m fighting for you,” said the nominee. “The government will work for citizens once again.”

The enthusiasm exuded from the arena by the end of the evening, and Trump supporters left grateful that the nominee gave Western Washington the attention it deserved. No matter the results in November, Donald J. Trump won in Washington this week.

]]> 0 Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Sound Transit Under Investigation Again]]> 2016-08-26T23:35:27Z 2016-08-26T23:35:27Z

Last week, the Seattle Times uncovered that the political campaign Mass Transit Now, received contact information from government agency Sound Transit (ST) for over 227,000 individuals. Approximately 173,000 of those included private information from ORCA cardholders that is not deemed public information. That massive list of protected emails was then used to solicit a mass email promoting the $54 billion light-rail expansion measure voters will consider on the November ballot.

Mass Transit Now is the campaign behind Sound Transit’s $54 billion expansion project, ST3. Sound Transit claims to have given Mass Transit Now the giant list of private citizen’s information by “mistake.” You be the judge.

Since the email debacle, Mass Transit Now has assured the public that they won’t use the emails ever again, but they still continue to gain information from ORCA cardholders who received that first email and opted in to future correspondence from Mass Transit Now. Despite promising a cease fire, they continue to gain from the unethical information of over 173,000 individuals. No matter what, the ST3 campaign was given an unfair advantage, “accident” or not.

Unfortunately, this questionable incident was not the first of its kind by Sound Transit. Over the last year they have made headlines for several mishaps. In April, ST was investigated by the Public Disclosure Committee (PDC) for spending public funds for political purposes. Sound Transit made headlines again at the beginning of the month, when the unelected ST board was harshly criticized for manipulating the pro and con message for the voters pamphlet statement. And as of this week, the PDC is once again investigating Sound Transit for violating state law.

Over and over again, Sound Transit continues to violate public trust for their own political gain. Rather than focus on moving people, Sound Transit and Mass Transit Now are focused on the millions of dollars lining their pockets by large Seattle-based investors and corporations. If Sound Transit cannot be trusted with our emails, why should they be trusted with $54 billion of hard-earned tax payer money? 

Lori Sotelo <![CDATA[Vote Local]]> 2016-08-18T23:21:25Z 2016-08-18T23:21:25Z This year’s Presidential election has been full of ups and downs. Many voters in Washington state, and around the country have expressed their frustrations about an election where there is no clear path for candidates or voters. The KCGOP wants you to know that we hear you, but we want you to take a moment to look at the bigger picture here in Washington state and in King County. National elections play an important role in democracy, but the federal government dictates only a fraction of what happens in Washington state.

Local elections are arguably more important for the kitchen table issues affecting our everyday lives. The candidates who will be elected to conduct the people’s business in this Washington make important decisions about raising our taxes, improving education, and sensible transportation policy. Our slate of terrific Republicans running statewide and in your legislative district need your attention and support to continue the positive changes we have seen in recent years.

Over the last two years, the slim Republican majority in the State Senate has held back efforts for a state income tax, towed the line for fully funding education, and fought back on the ridiculous tolling on I-405. Their work has been significant. We have an opportunity to make significant gains in our successes, but we can’t do that if we are divided in November.

Make no mistake about it, the divisive rhetoric in the media and from the Democrats is meant to distract us from the great progress being made by Republicans here in Washington State. They aim to tear the GOP apart and send us all in different directions. If the Democrats are successful, they win. If we are focused on what is really important, we win big.

In this election, set aside frustrations with national politics, and focus on local elections by voting all the way to the end of your ballot. There are dozens of compassionate, hard-working, and motivated public servants on your ballot and we hope you will join with us and Vote Local this November.

Lori Sotelo <![CDATA[Checking in from Cleveland!]]> 2016-07-25T18:35:16Z 2016-07-14T04:57:52Z Cnw9vUvVIAE1Q6H.jpg-large


This Week at the RNC Convention

Good evening my fellow Republicans! I have spent this week with the Washington State Delegation in Cleveland, Ohio, at the RNC Convention. The Convention produced an impressive lineup of speakers including Newt Gingrich, Speaker Paul Ryan, Vice Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Pence and tonight we will hear from the official Republican nominee for President, Donald J. Trump.

Day 1

The energy was palpable on Day 1 as delegates began to arrive to the Convention floor. Washingtonians were sporting their festive evergreen hats alongside their Chairman Susan Hutchison. The RNC agrees that the Washington delegation hats took the cake “FIR” sure. The theme of the day was Make America Safe Again and it was evident that a Trump administration intends to do just that.

Day 2

Day 2 of the Convention was the moment America has really been waiting for, and the delegates were eager to begin casting their votes for President of the United States. The Washington delegation cast its 44 votes in unity for the candidate the primary voters of Washington State supported, Donald Trump. It was a heartfelt moment when the son of our nominee Donald Trump Jr., cast the New York delegations’ votes. Those votes officially qualified his father as the Republican Party’s nominee for President. Later in the evening we heard speeches from two of his children Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr. And as Governor Mike Pence said, “You can’t fake good kids.” Speaker Paul Ryan also delivered a powerful speech on uniting the party, it was a superb evening focusing on the theme of Make America Work Again.

Day 3

Day 3 of the Convention was by far one of the best. During the day, myself, and several other delegates from Washington attended the Inspiring Women Luncheon hosted by Director of the Center for American Women and Politics, Debbie Walsh. It was an honor to hear from several amazing women leaders in the Republican Party and to stand beside several hardworking Washingtonians that I consider dear friends.

The theme of Day 3 was Make America First Again and we heard an inspiring speech from another of Donald Trump’s children, Eric, who assured the voters that his father is running to represent all Americans. The evening reached its pinnacle when we had the honor to hear from Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Mike Pence. Governor Pence gave an incredible speech that left the audience reassured and hopeful. Governor Pence is an honest Conservative, and possesses the credentials to help support the Republican ticket. Tonight the convention will culminate with the acceptance speech from Republican nominee Donald J. Trump. I am expecting his speech to serve as the ultimate finale to an influential week at the RNC Convention. It has truly been an energizing week in the Republican Party, and a true reward to have witnessed first-hand so many phenomenal speakers. I hope that you too feel hopeful and motivated after this week. Please tune in tonight to hear from our future President, Donald Trump!

Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Above the Law]]> 2016-07-26T22:18:17Z 2016-07-08T16:46:14Z This past Tuesday, the FBI held a press conference discussing the findings of the lengthy investigation of Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. During the press briefing, FBI Director James Comey divulged to the public the information we have all been waiting for.

Of the 30,000 emails collected by the State Department in 2014, 110 emails were determined to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received. In several prior interviews with Congress and reporters, Hillary Clinton stated that she “did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time.” The FBI investigation proved otherwise, and in their report they clearly stated that there was clear evidence of a violation and mishandling of classified information from Democratic Presidential nominee Clinton. However, after citing the list of missteps made by Clinton, Comey went on to say that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” Many citizens within the United States, regardless of political party, find Comey’s statement as puzzling as it is troubling. In the past, those who have mishandled confidential information have faced revocation of security clearance, job loss, fines, and even prison time.

Director Comey also stated that the actions of Mrs. Clinton were extremely careless and that the use of the private server potentially opened up access to hostile actors. For decades Hillary Clinton has dodged countless episodes of scandal, from Whitewater, to Benghazi, and has shown reckless disregard for public trust.

Hillary Clinton has demonstrated once again that she is unfit to serve as the President of the United States.

Jazmine Hand <![CDATA[Upcoming Events]]> 2016-07-05T16:11:25Z 2016-06-30T23:45:42Z

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, July 4th– King County Parades and Festivals with candidates. Please visit for a full list of parades. If you would like to walk in a parade in your district, contact the KCGOP at (425)990-0404.
  • Tuesday, July 5th– Eastside Republican Club Picnic & Candidate Forum. Come celebrate the summer with amazing friends & hear from fantastic candidates! Cost: $20 at the door. Please contact Elaine for the address to the picnic. Contact Elaine Hill at 253-630-5752 for more information.
  • Thursday, July 7th– Mark Miloscia Fundraiser. Please join Rob Barrans – 30th LD Republican Chairman, Marl Kane – 31st LD Republican Chairman, Martin Moore – Federal Way City Councilman, Mathew Patrick Thomas – WSRP State Committeeman, King County and Special Guest Susan Hutchison – WSRP State Chairman and Drew Stokesbary – 31st LD State Representative at a reception supporting Mark Miloscia Candidate for State Auditor. Located at Billy McHale’s, 1320 South 324th Street, Federal Way, WA 98003. Contact Rob Barrans for more information. 
  • Monday, July 11th– Chris Vance for U.S. Senate Campaign Reception with Carly Fiorina. Located at the Bellevue Club, 11200 SE 6th St., Bellevue, WA 98004. General reception begins at 7pm. Visit to purchase your tickets!
  • Tuesday, July 12th– Candidate for Congress Doug Bassler Fundraiser. Located on Mercer Island and will begin at 6pm. Address will be available upon RSVP, please contact Shari Newton for more information.
  • Monday, July 18th-21st– The RNC Convention, Cleveland, Ohio. Tune into the KCGOP’s social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to see live updates from Chairman Sotelo from the Convention.
  • Thursday, July 21st– 47th District Picnic. It will begin at 5pm, located at Morrill Meadows Park, 10600 SE 248th St., Kent, WA 98030. Please contact Steve Altick for more information.
  • Tuesday, July 26th– 41st, 45th, 48th Candidate Forum and Putting Contest. Please contact Cynthia Cole for more information. Located at the Bellevue Golf Course: 5500 140th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98005.
  • Thursday, July 28th– 30th District Picnic. It will begin at 6:30pm, located at Steel Lake Park, 2410 S 312th St., Federal Way, WA 98003. Please contact Rob Barrans for more information. 

    Summer Reading List

The KCGOP is putting together a summer reading list! Please send us your the title of your favorite book and let us know why other Republicans in King County should read it too! Send your titles to

Lori Sotelo <![CDATA[Flag Day! A Night To Remember!]]> 2016-06-23T23:37:59Z 2016-06-23T23:34:57Z Last week, the KCGOP held its annual Flag Day Dinner with special guest, Mark “Oz” Geist. What an evening it was! With over 450 people in attendance, and a sold out room, this years Flag Day Dinner was a night to remember. 

For over an hour, those in the room had the honor of hearing a first hand account of the Battle of Benghazi, from an American hero. Mark “Oz” Geist shared the somber details of the attack in Libya, life at the annex, and the tragic failure of the current administration to properly protect the consulate building of former Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. The evening was a continual reminder that Hillary Clinton cannot be the next President of the United States. 

The sold out evening could not have been possible without the help of our devoted volunteers and staff. Over 25 King County Republicans volunteered their day to help with set up, check-in, dessert dash, and raise the paddle. The grassroots of the Republican Party continues to exceed expectations in King County, and for that, we should all be extremely grateful! 

A special thank you to all of those who attended and contributed toward Flag Day, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. It’s time to turn Washington red!

To Victory,

Lori Sotelo