Low Carbon Fuel Standard (HB1110 / SB5412) was defeated last year, yet the Democrats in the legislature think we want to increase our gas taxes with a costly and inefficient method of reducing carbon emissions. This increase in our gas taxes would not go toward supporting road projects. The end result would reduce our economy more than it would carbon emissions.

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE) (HB2184 / SB5395) along with school-based health centers (HB2288) were defeated last year, yet the Democrats in the legislature think we want to have educators teaching sex ed to our kindergartners, while allowing our teens to obtain medical services, including birth control and abortion referrals, without notice or consent of parents.

Democrats are attacking the hairdressers again (SB 6276). It is the same bill, just reworded and cosmetologists are ready to “ignite the fight” and are outraged at being targeted yet again in this short legislative session.  See www.cosmetologistsofwashingtonunited.org for more details.

32-hour workweek (SB 6516). This bill will reduce the workweek to 32 hours – anything over requires an employee to be paid overtime pay. No public hearing has been scheduled yet.

High Capacity Magazin Ban (HB 1068 & SB 5062). Keep an eye on this bill, but as of yet, neither has moved through the legislative process at all since the session began.

Allowing the WSP to destroy firearms that have been confiscated (HB 1010). It has been passed off the floor of the House (party-line vote) and will now be considered in the Senate.

High Capacity Magazines (SB 6077). It has had a hearing in the Senate and is in the Rules Committee. The next step is the Senate floor for a vote of the entire body.

Concerning high capacity magazines (HB 2240). This is the companion to the previous bill – it is exactly the same, so it moves through the House at the same time the 6077 moves through the Senate. If they both pass off their floors before cut-off, you can bet this will become law.

Concerning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines (HB 2241). Another high capacity magazine bill.