Earlier this week, it was reported that 8th Congressional District candidate Kim Schrier compared her campaign to fighting in World War II. These comments made by Schrier are extremely disrespectful to the selfless veterans who actually put their lives on the line and served in WWII. A political campaign involves no physical threat compared to fighting in a war and the comparison that was made is simply appalling.

After learning of these comments from Kim Schrier, veterans from across the region released a joint statement that was distributed by the Washington State Republican Party. The statement opened with the veterans expressing their “deep concern and disappointment in congressional candidate Kim Schrier’s comments, comparing the sacrifices made by veterans to her political campaign.”

KIRO radio host Dori Monson picked up the story on his show and added “this is a nauseating comparison. It shows such a lack of perspective. You’re not likely going to take a bullet in your brain like all of the young men at the front of those landing boats in the first wave at Normandy.”

8th Congressional District candidate Kim Schrier’s extremely hyperbolic comparison of campaigning to fighting in WWII proves that she is out of touch with reality, and out of touch with the constituents of the 8th Congressional District. Current Congressman Dave Reichert has always focused on veterans during his time in office, and Republican candidate Dino Rossi would do the same. Schrier, on the other hand, does not seem to respect our veterans in the way they have so earned and deserve.