Earlier today, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he will be filing his 24th lawsuit against President Trump, this time over family separation at the border.

This lawsuit comes just one day after President Trump signed an executive order that will address separation of children from their parents as the United States Government deals with pressures caused by illegal immigration.

While the President and Congress have worked cooperatively to come up with real solutions to this country’s immigration problems, local Democrat politicians are pulling political stunts. In addition to the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Ferguson, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan recently took a trip to the Mexican border, with the mayors of Los Angeles and El Paso, to exploit the problems there for political value.

Attorney General Ferguson and Mayor Durkan are out of touch with the people they have sworn to serve.

The people of Seattle deserve a Mayor who is focused on the perilous crisis in her city and all Washingtonians deserve an Attorney General who is focused on serving the interests of those who call this state home. Our country needs serious immigration reform, not grandstanding or photo opportunities. And we need it now.