From KCGOP Chair Cynthia Cole:

Are we ready to create a public outcry over the Legislature’s hastily passed 2 billion dollars in new and increased taxes?

What happened in March of 2018 after a week of public outcry over a controversial public-records bill hurriedly approved by the State Legislature?  The Governor took account of the public burning up the phone lines to make their voices heard and he vetoed the bill!

Let’s show the Governor the power of the people, again, by calling his office and asking him to veto these hurriedly approved tax increases!

Call 360-902-4111 and ask Governor Inslee to use his veto power on behalf of the people!

Consider: Is the best fiscal policy for our state one that is created in the middle of the night with last-minute bills, no amendments, no debate, no public engagement, no explanation of how much state residents and businesses will be negatively impacted?

What is the rationale for raising taxes when the legislative session started out with a $2.8 billion budget surplus?

Could reasonable people have found a way to fund all of the budget priorities such as mental health, K-12 education, salmon habitat preservation, and solutions to the homelessness issues without raising taxes?  With a $2.8 billion surplus, would even the $2 million for added security costs related to Governor Inslee’s presidential campaign, been funded without an increase in our taxes?

The majority Democrats passed record-high spending levels, with zero accountability. This $52.4 billion budget, and an 18% increase over current spending, is the first state budget to exceed $50 billion.  How will such a budget be sustained during a financial downturn without raising taxes again and again and again?

List of taxes to veto from this flawed legislative process:

  • HB 2158 (“off-budget”) – B&O increase on select professional services: $380 million
  • SB 5998 – Graduated Real Estate Excise tax: $245 million
  • HB 2167 – B&O increase on banks: $133 million
  • SB 5581 – Sales tax nexus change related to Wayfair ruling: $116 million
  • SB 6016 – B&O changes for international investment management companies: $59 million
  • SB 5997 – Changes to non-resident sales tax exemption: $54 million
  • SB 6004 – B&O tax increase for travel agents: $5 million
  • SB 5993 – Increased oil barrel tax: $173 million
  • HB 1087 – Payroll tax for long-term care, with a tax increase on wage earner: $1.3 billion in 2021-2023


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