“You are now leaving the USA”

That’s what the sign says as you look into what Seattle radical activists have dubbed the CHAZ, or Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Once again Seattle is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Jay Inslee and Jenny Durkan are the laughing stock of the entire country.

In the midst of this chaos, radical protestors have been violently confronting our local law enforcement officers. KCGOP has created a petition to show our officers the REAL support they have from the silent majority that has been drowned out by a radical and vocal anti-police minority.

Our goal of reaching 50,000 signatures has been reached and it keeps on growing! Thank you to everyone that has signed our petition in support of our Police.

Pitch in today and help us raise enough money to support PRO-POLICE candidates for this upcoming election and send Jay Inslee to retirement in the CHAZ! 

If you haven’t yet– You can also help support our efforts by signing this petition!

Law Enforcement across the country are being attacked indiscriminately by radicals whose goal is to get rid of Police Departments across the United States. 

Let’s show our officers that the hatred leveled against them each day by these extremists are simply the voices of a vocal minority. Sign this petition today to show our officers that the Silent Majority stands with them against these vile attacks.