King County Republican Central Committee
2020 Platform


We, the King County Republican Party, reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose. This platform is an invitation and a roadmap to a stronger, safer, and more prosperous King County, Washington State, and America. We invite every American to join us. 


The US Constitution and the American Republic it defines have produced the most free, fair, diverse, prosperous, and just nation the world has ever known – allowing human creativity and productivity to flourish by limiting the power of government to interfere with private life. The Constitution must be preserved and interpreted as it was originally intended to ensure these benefits for future generations.  The separation of powers, Federalism, and the Bill of Rights all define the role of government as a servant of the people and protector of God-given inalienable individual civil rights, which protect against the Tyranny of the Majority –  the temptation for the 51% to rule over the 49%.   Chief among these are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, including economic success.  Political freedom has no substance without economic freedom, and so Socialism is incompatible with the American Republican form of government and with liberty. 


Homelessness is a tragic part of our society now more than ever, in large part due to mental health and drug addiction. It is inhumane to allow people to live in unsheltered squalor and unfair to everyone to have to deal with the consequences of this problem.  We support the enrollment of all homeless in secure, clean, and safe housing that is governed by enforceable rules.  Low barrier homeless camps and tiny home villages without rules need to be closed.  Homeless lawbreakers should be enrolled in treatment programs and actively engaged with social services if they wish to remain in the county’s public spaces. Otherwise, incarceration should be a conduit to services.    

A strong work ethic is a foundational American value, and all populations should be empowered to work and contribute to society as they are able. We support employment assistance, vocational training, and substance treatment for all homeless people.  Living on the street must not be an option.  

Addiction and Mental Health

Because enabling addicts to destroy their lives is inhumane, we oppose supervised heroin injection sites. We support funding for additional high-quality addiction treatment programs so that chronic, repeat offenders must choose jail or treatment and can be sent to either one immediately. Finally, we call for an increase in the quality and number of mental health facilities and hospitals to meet the needs of those who suffer from severe mental illness. 

Crime and Law Enforcement

The desire for freedom must be tempered by the need for order. We encourage the vocal public support and hiring of more law enforcement officers who will do their job of arresting lawbreakers. We support “Broken Window” police policy that prevents criminal escalation and will be enforced equally among the housed and the non-housed population. City, county, and state authorities must enforce and prosecute existing laws against public intoxication, violence, theft, trespassing, sidewalk camping, property vandalism, and illegal drugs to reduce the mounting dangers to all citizens of King County. Chronic, repeat offenders must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, we oppose legislative attempts to criminalize lawabiding gun owners for exercising their rights under the constitutions of both our state and nation. 

Housing Affordability

Lack of affordable housing is a growing problem in King County.  We favor free market solutions wherever possible to promote housing construction.  These solutions include loosening zoning requirements, easing costly land-use regulations, moving permitting fees and taxes to later in the construction cycle, and streamlining approvals for building permits and inspections.  We also support targeted adjustments to urban growth areas where environmental impact is minimal.  We adamantly oppose rent control, which economists have consistently shown to reduce the supply and quality of housing.  Since increasing property taxes hurt renters and homeowners in a free market system, we support keeping the current rates flat.  


Effective transportation systems are crucial to the region’s economy and quality of life. Sound Transit, WSDOT, and Metro have a long record of broken promises, lack of accountability, and excessive taxation. Transportation agencies must be held accountable for their actions. Expansion of capacity, congestion reduction, improvements to safety and routine maintenance have all been ineffectively prioritized. Tolls and taxes should be used with common sense rather than for the purposes of social engineering and/or coercion.  Port facilities must be modernized and upgraded to stay competitive. Improved access to rail and trucking is required to improve port productivity and reduce traffic congestion. 


A strong education system is vital for maintaining the American democracy by fostering common civic culture, appreciation for our unique form of government, and intellectual diversity.   

Schools and teachers must respect the rights of parents to control the education of their children. Public schools should support learners of every ability with a variety of programs, including special education, honors, HCC, AP, and Running Start programs, so that all children can learn. Lessons and materials must be available to the parents prior to its use in the classroom and subject to approval by local school boards. Sex education should be opt-in, age appropriate, focus on the biology of reproduction, and respect students’ personal boundaries and values.   

We support the expansion of public charter schools since they have proven to be popular and effective.  State-sponsored education savings accounts enable parents to choose what is best for their children and introduce constructive competition into the education system, improving quality and lowering costs. Higher education is also vital for the economic life of our state. The massive increase in tuition at public universities, due in part to increases in non-academic staff, is unjustified and must be limited to the inflation rate. 

National Security

The United States faces near- and long-term security threats from our adversaries: the spread of terrorism, growing cybersecurity and espionage threats, illegal border crossings, and the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. America’s national policy of peace through strength, coupled with enhanced border security, alliances with freedom-loving countries and diplomacy which has American interests as its highest priority are essential to safeguarding the national security of a sovereign United States. 

Immigration and Border Security

As a sovereign nation, America is enriched by the economic and cultural benefits of legal immigration. Our country needs immigrants and guest workers in the workforce to help maintain a growing economy.  Since the founding of our country, immigrants have been a part of the fabric of our communities. We welcome refugees fleeing persecution and oppression, who should not be confused with economic migrants.  A transparent and merit-based immigration system provides fairness to people from around the world through enforcement of existing immigration laws that protect American national security and the safety of American citizens.  A proper immigration system not only controls the inflow of people; it also provides for enhanced physical barriers, and prevention of illegal entry of felons, drugs, gangs, and human trafficking.  We must eliminate human trafficking, visa overstays, and immigration-related identity fraud by using E-Verify and, when necessary, DNA testing. Failure to do so empowers the cartels, whose many crimes victimize American citizens as well as prospective immigrants.  Furthermore, convicted felons here illegally must be deported to their home countries. 

Veteran’s Affairs

Veterans of our military have earned preferential treatment when seeking employment. They have also earned specific educational, housing, health care and retirement benefits. Many of these benefits depend on state law, and we call on the state of Washington to protect these benefits. 

The Veteran’s Administration has the duty to ensure all claims for injury or illness connected to a veteran’s service time are processed in a timely, fair, and respectful manner. If a VA facility is not readily available, a veteran should be able to seek, at government expense, necessary care via self-chosen private providers. 

Any family who has lost a loved one in military service to the United States, shall continue to be given the honor and title of “Gold Star Family”, and receive all the survivor benefits and respect due them.  Furthermore, the deceased veteran shall continue to be entitled to burial at a national cemetery and be granted full military honors, including the presentation of a United States flag to the surviving family as a token of thanks for the veteran’s honorable and faithful service. 

Economy and Jobs

The free enterprise system is the foundation of the American economy and must be strengthened. Prosperity comes from the initiative, intelligence, and hard work of the American people. 

Recently we have had record low unemployment and increasing real wages. This is the result of lowering costs, taxes, and regulations that discourage hiring and investment. We oppose state income taxes, head taxes and carbon taxes. In order for more new jobs to be created and existing jobs preserved, we continue to support policies that foster entrepreneurship, recognize the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, encourage relevant educational training, guarantee the right to work, and minimize regulatory burdens. 

American consumers have benefited greatly from products made overseas; however, globalization has had a negative impact on manufacturing, supply chains, jobs, income, and income disparity. Recent renegotiation of trade agreements is creating more balanced and fairer trade.  The focus of the American economy must be innovation and productivity.  Our government must act aggressively to protect intellectual property and confidential information from theft and misuse. Washington state and King County, in particular, depend heavily on trade and exports and therefore require genuinely “free and fair” trade agreements that open global markets to our goods and services. 

Debt, Deficits and Entitlement Reform

The trajectory of our federal spending is unsustainable and therefore irresponsible. The rising gap between tax collections for Medicare and Social Security and the cost of those programs is the primary driver of increasing federal debt. The CBO projects these programs will consume an ever-larger portion of the federal budget. Additionally, the historically low interest rates we are currently experiencing mask the extent of the problem. If those rates revert to historic norms, rising interest costs of the debt will consume an ever-larger portion of the federal budget, starving other federal programs deemed worthwhile. 

We call for Congress to implement gradual spending controls so that government spending stops growing faster than GDP. The government-controlled portion of the economy should not be allowed to grow faster than the private sector, and our children should not be saddled with the interest on trillions spent irresponsibly before they were born. 

Health Care

Americans deserve quality, affordability, and the freedom to choose their health-care providers and insurance plans. Health care reform must continue to be patient-focused and centered on the relationships of individuals with their health-care providers using marketplace solutions that work to improve health outcomes, guarantee coverage for preexisting conditions, reduce unnecessary treatments, allow for more innovation, introduce greater price transparency, and remain accessible for all Americans. Reform of the FDA approval process for both new and generic drugs has the potential to reduce drug costs and improve health outcomes, while deregulation of health insurance across state lines and meaningful tort reform can reduce medical services costs. 


Protecting the environment requires humanity’s attention. The EPA was established to protect human health and the environment.  However, regulatory agencies have gone far beyond the clear limits of their statutory authority. Recent expansions of carbon regulations and wetlands’ definitions in our state are good examples of this type of overreach. 

The earth’s changing climate is not exclusively man-made and certainly will not be helped by restricting Americans’ freedom of movement through banning gas-powered automobiles or excessive taxation of fuel or carbon-based industries.  We promote stewardship of our landscape and work to understand and preserve our environment. Environmental policies should be based on valid and replicable scientific research, subject to rigorous debate.  Proposed solutions should be based on sound economic analysis, realistic weighing of costs, and avoidance of excessive bureaucracy.  Recent wildfires prove the necessity of responsible, proactive fire management tools such as selective harvesting, brush removal, and prescribed fires in our forests.   


We support a comprehensive energy policy for the United States, allowing access to and use of its abundant energy resources consistent with free market principles. Our energy policy should include a good balance of science-supported renewable and nuclear sources (to provide clean, consistent, base load power). Creativity, technological development, and market-driven application of science and technology will determine the most efficient, cost-effective, and clean uses of energy, which are essential to a prosperous economy. We also believe that energy development should not be distorted by subsidies or crony capitalism. 

Voter and Election Integrity

Every U. S. Citizen of voting age (18 years and older), once legally registered by positive authorized identification, has the right, if not a duty, to vote. Voters must have confidence election officials will safeguard their individual votes, accurately count each vote, and announce election results in a timely fashion. State and local governments should abide by the will of the people. 

Civil Rights and Religious Liberty

The United States and Washington State Constitutions protect the rights and freedoms of the people, especially the rights to freely speak, assemble, pursue happiness, and practice any religion (or none at all). These rights are held equally by all Americans, without consideration of heritage, skin color, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.   

The 4th Amendment protects citizens from warrantless search and monitoring by any local, state or federal law enforcement or administrative agency of any private communication or data, including pre-emptive storage for future warranted search.     Religious freedom is the freedom to believe, teach, and live according to one’s own conscience in private, in public, and in business. As such, no person, business, or religious institution should be forced to engage in any activity or to provide any product or service that violates their conscience. We unequivocally condemn all forms of racism and religious persecution. There is no place in our party for white nationalism, racism, or violence and intimidation against the members or institutions of any religious group. 


Stable and supportive families are the cornerstone of a free society. It is the right and responsibility of parents to provide for and direct all matters concerning the health, welfare, and academic and moral teaching of their minor children without coercion by the state.  Parents or those with legal custody have the right to determine the guidance their children receive on all matters and to protect their children from influences they deem harmful.  We encourage communities to support and help families and children in need. 


The Declaration of Independence states that all humans have the unalienable right to life. Therefore, all human lives, regardless of age, ability, or disability, from pre-birth to natural death, ought to be preserved and cherished. Accordingly, we support legislative prohibitions on human cloning, infanticide, euthanasia, and partial-birth abortion. Only stem cell research which does not rely on human embryonic tissue is acceptable. Taxpayer funds should not be used for abortions. We support legislation which mandates that parents and guardians of minors be notified prior to such minors procuring medical procedures, including abortion. 

Resolution to Prohibit Internet or Cellular Phone Voting in Local, County, State or National Elections

WHEREAS, many good citizens do not trust either software APPs or the Internet, as such digital products are notoriously subject to hacking and manipulation; and 

WHEREAS, it was demonstrated at the Democrat Iowa Caucus, in February 2020, that confusion results from any attempt to use such Internet voting systems; and 

WHEREAS, King County recently conducted an election for the King County Conservation District using Internet voting, and will probably declare that experiment to have been a success, and will therefore recommend that such a system be employed on a state-wide basis for future elections, thus saving the state and counties a large amount of money for mailing and paper ballot handling; and 

WHEREAS, nothing done on the Internet can be considered to be private, whether encrypted or not, while a citizen’s right is to have privacy in whom or what they vote for, and is guaranteed in order to avoid retribution from political interests for the citizen’s vote; and 

WHEREAS, certain citizens still do not have Internet access, particularly in the elderly communities, and thus would be deprived of their right to vote if internet voting were established as the only means of voting; now therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party shall use all available political influence to establish laws prohibiting the use of the Internet to conduct any local, state or national election; and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, that, except in an extreme emergency where no other method of voting is available, no cellular phone or Internet voting shall be permitted at any Republican caucus or convention. 

Respectfully submitted by Cecil Joe Tomlinson, Republican PCO for the 47th LD, Berrydale Precinct   

Resolution to Support Voters’ Rights and Election Integrity

WHEREAS, every U. S. Citizen of Voting age (18 years and older), once legally registered by positive authorized Identification, has the civic duty to cast their votes; and   

WHEREAS, modern technology appears to be an incentive toward an all on-line system, rendering it difficult, if not impossible, for all voters to cast their votes; and    

WHEREAS, in the State of Washington, a person wishing to register to vote need only sign a statement confirming that they are a U. S. Citizen without presenting any government-issued proof of citizenship; and   

WHEREAS, King County Elections verifies the integrity of each voter by a human being comparing the signature on each ballot envelope submitted to copies of voters’ signatures on file, thus leaving a lot of room for interpretation, human error, or oversight; now therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, voters should be guaranteed the option to vote by mail, or in person, at the King County Elections Office; and be it further    

RESOLVED, anyone registering to vote must provide proof positive (e.g., U.S. Passport; birth certificate; naturalization papers) that they are indeed a U. S. citizen; and finally, be it   

RESOLVED, the process of manually verifying each signature on ballot envelopes be revisited with the intention of updating the process to better ensure the integrity of each election, and close gaps where unscrupulous election workers may pass invalid ballots through to be counted.     

Source:  Jeff Matson   

Resolution on Taxing and Tolling Automobiles 

WHEREAS, freedom of mobility is one of the greatest of our freedoms, and is basic and universally understood; and   

WHEREAS, the automobile is one of the greatest freedom-giving inventions of mankind and gives us total flexibility of when and where we want to go; and   

WHEREAS, fuel taxes collected at the pump for purposes of road maintenance are sometimes diverted to non-road maintenance projects, such as funding for mass transit; and 

WHEREAS, as a result of diverting funds from road maintenance, infrastructure is falling apart (to wit: the West Seattle Bridge is only 36 years old and must be closed until 2022 for major repairs, causing untold traffic jams and loss of property value in West Seattle); and   

WHEREAS, additional taxes on gross weight or mileage on non-electric vehicles are a form of double taxation, since drivers of these vehicles already pay fuel taxes; now therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, that, the use of automobiles should not be taxed in any respect other than to enhance their use, such as fuel tax for road maintenance; and be it further    

RESOLVED, tolls on roads and bridges should be collected only to pay off construction bonds.  Once the new road or bridge is paid, the tolls should be dropped.  Maintenance of the roads and bridges should be covered through fuel taxes; and be it further    

RESOLVED, funds collected through fuel taxes and tolls should not be used to supplement general state revenue; and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, funds collected for road maintenance should not be diverted elsewhere but should be used for the projects for which they were intended.   

Source:  Jeff Matson  


Resolution against BDS and other anti-Israel activities

WHEREAS, the Jewish people have both a historic and modern legal right to live in peace and security in the land of Israel, now called the State of Israel; and 

WHEREAS, anti-Zionism, which is a denial of this right, is a modern form of anti-Semitism simply by another name; and 

WHEREAS, the State of Israel is a long-term ally and friend of the United States; and 

WHEREAS the State of Israel is the only functional representative democracy in the Middle East; and  

WHEREAS, the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel has spread its ugly hatred throughout the Democrat party, many college campuses, and the Seattle city council where taxpayer funds have been used to fund anti-Israel events in city facilities; and 

WHEREAS, anti-Zionism has led to increased instances of anti-Semitic activities against individual Jews, synagogues, and other Jewish institutions throughout the world, the United States, and the Seattle area in the last few years; now therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that all taxpayer funds be cut off to anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic, and BDS events and organizers in every city and county in Washington; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that we commend President Trump for keeping his promises to move the U.S. Embassy back to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people, where it belongs; and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, that all Republican elected officials in Washington be encouraged to publicly express their support for embattled local Jewish communities and the State of Israel.  

Respectfully submitted on March 25, 2020 by Beth Broadway, 37th LD GOP Chair   

Resolution to Improve Immigration Compliance

WHEREAS, certain cities, counties, and states that have designated themselves as a “sanctuary” are not cooperating with Federal Authorities and Federal Law in the apprehension, detention, and prosecution of illegal immigrants; now therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, that we oppose the designation of any city, county, or state as a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants; and be it further 

RESOLVED, that, we fully support the operations of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection; and finally, be it further    

RESOLVED, that all cities, counties, and states give their full cooperation to local jurisdictions to fully comply with federal law and give their full cooperation to ICE and U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the apprehension, detention, and prosecution of illegal immigrants. 

Jeff Matson Providence Point Precincts ISS 41-2409, 3554, and 3786   

Resolution to Oppose Carbon Taxation

WHEREAS, many advocates of radical carbon emission reduction also support an extreme left-wing agenda, using climate change policy as a means to achieve political goals unobtainable through honest political action, and  

WHEREAS, achieving carbon emission goals for Washington state, as required by RCW 70.235.020, can only be achieved by sending businesses and jobs out of our state, while reducing our standard of living, our comfort, and our freedom of mobility, and  

WHEREAS, wind and solar installations are proposed as “clean energy” solutions to carbon emissions, but are themselves environmentally damaging, and such remedies can never replace carbon fuels due to their intermittency, low energy output, initial cost, and recycling cost, and  

WHEREAS, the apparent goal of carbon taxation is not actually to reduce carbon fuel use, but rather to tax carbon fuel use, as evidenced by opposition to such viable and scalable forms of zero-carbon energy as hydroelectric and nuclear power, now therefore, be it  

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of King County opposes all forms of carbon taxation, and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, that we support greater efforts to develop use of hydroelectric and nuclear power.  

Respectfully submitted by Cecil Joe Tomlinson, Republican PCO for the 47th LD, Berrydale Precinct   


Resolution In Support of the Newly Created United States Space Force

WHEREAS, on Friday, December 20, 2019, President Trump signed Senate Bill 1790, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, which, in part, directed the establishment of the United States Space Force (USSF) as the sixth branch of the armed forces; and 

WHEREAS, the present and future aggressive military use of space by the adversaries of the United States is not in doubt; and    

WHEREAS, historically, generals and admirals have always prepared for the next war by employing the equipment used and tactics learned in the previous war; e.g., we entered WWI with a horse cavalry which was quickly made obsolete by machine guns and tanks; we entered WWII with battleships that were made obsolete by aircraft carriers that became the dominant naval surface weapons of WWII; our Navy admirals are today preparing, again, for the last war by asking for large aircraft carriers, each costing billions of dollars to build and thousands of personnel to man, which could, tragically, be made obsolete by an enemy space force that is able to locate and target our carriers from space with long range missiles launched from the ground or the sea; and   

WHEREAS, Russia has already launched satellites in the same orbit as one of our “spy” satellites, to shadow, track and record its communications; and   

WHEREAS, to stay ahead in the space race we need the equivalent of a navy in space, with the capability to neutralize enemy satellites that threaten our armed forces, our power grid, our communications, and our economy, when that becomes necessary; now therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of King County congratulates President Trump and the Congress of the United States on having the wisdom and foresight to establish the United States Space Force; and finally, be it   

RESOLVED, that the USSF should be given a mission of defending our national interests in space and should be given complete autonomy from the other defense forces, so that USSF assets are not diverted to support other force strategies, a lesson that was learned the hard way in WWII, which caused the USAF to become a separate force from the Army after the war.    

Respectfully submitted by Cecil Joe Tomlinson, Republican PCO for the 47th LD, Berrydale Precinct.   


Resolution in Support of Referendum 90 

WHEREAS, the Washington State Legislature has passed ESSB 5395, which mandates “Comprehensive Sexual Health Education” for grades K-12; and  

WHEREAS, parents and their local school boards deserve a voice in controversial curriculum decisions; and  

WHEREAS, many school districts cannot afford an expensive, unfunded mandate; and  

WHEREAS, Referendum 90, written by Parents for Safe Schools, permits voters to reject ESSB 5395; now therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the Republican Party of King County fully endorses Referendum 90 and enthusiastically encourages a vote thereon to REJECT ESSB 5395. 

Respectfully submitted by Steven Carl Rodli, 47th LD Delegate KEN 47-0601   


Resolution on Responsible Federal Spending

WHEREAS, The most important constitutional responsibility of the United States Congress is to pass a responsible budget; and  

WHEREAS, Congress has failed to pass its required appropriations bills on time every year since 1997, resorting instead to massive “omnibus” bills; and   

WHEREAS, These omnibus bills, lacking the scrutiny of the formal budgeting process, have resulted in high levels of irresponsible spending, fueling federal deficits of increasing size, and   

WHEREAS, These deficits are increasing the debt to dangerous levels, threatening the economic stability of both the United States and the entire world; now therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, That Congress must restore regular order in its budgeting process, passing each spending bill through both houses on-time, allowing for proper scrutiny; and be it further   

RESOLVED, That Congress should implement zero-baseline budgeting for all discretionary spending, rather than allowing wasteful spending in previous years to “justify” profligate spending in the future; and finally, be it further   

RESOLVED, that Congress should implement a mechanism similar to the Switzerland’s “debt brake”, in which automatic, across-the-board spending cuts limit the growth in federal spending to 2% annually unless a super-majority of Congress determines a national emergency should suspend such limits.   


Resolution on Medicare and Social Security Reform

WHEREAS, The cost of the Social Security and Medicare programs exceed the taxes intended to fund those programs; and   

WHEREAS, The gap between the taxes funding Social Security and Medicare and the costs of those programs is currently 2.1% of the GDP of the entire nation, and the changing demographics of our country expose the fact that these programs, in their current state, don’t work over the long-term, such that the Congressional Budget Office projects the funding gap to grow to 6% of GDP over the next 30 years; and   

WHEREAS, We currently spend less than 6% of GDP on all discretionary spending, defense and non-defense spending combined; and    

WHEREAS, The accelerating growth rate of the programs cannot continue indefinitely and will eventually lead to a debt crisis in which nearly all government programs will likely be cut; and   

WHEREAS, This fiscal crisis and the ensuing budget cuts will be especially hard on retirees and those nearing retirement; and   

WHEREAS, These programs are now funded in large part by borrowing, which is a burden on future tax-payers – our children; and   

WHEREAS, These future tax-payers have no vote in these decisions, but are nevertheless unjustly impacted by our nation’s failure to resolve this problem; and   

WHEREAS, Failing to take action will result in a grave moral wrong to two groups: those at retirement age during the fiscal day of reckoning; and our children, who will have to rebuild the economy from the devastation we have wrought; therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, that Medicare and Social Security be restructured as soon as possible to provide future retirees the clear knowledge required to make financial planning decisions; and be it further   

RESOLVED, that this restructuring include but not be limited to the recommendations of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles Commission:  – gradually raising the age of eligibility  – using the lower “Chained Consumer Price Index” to reduce the inflation adjustment – changing the Social Security benefit formula to reduce payments to high earners and finally, be it further   

RESOLVED, that these changes be phased in gradually so that no one in or near retirement is affected. 


Resolution on Reducing the Cost of Higher Education

WHEREAS, tuition at the University of Washington increased 219% between 1997-1998 and 2016-2017 (20 years), and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased only 50% for the same period, netting an increase in tuition that is four times that of the increase in the cost of living; and 

WHEREAS, nearly 60% of college students borrow to pay school costs, thereby tripling average student loan debt since 1990; and  

WHEREAS, over 90% of student loans are federally guaranteed, constituting a massive indirect subsidy to institutions of higher education, thus allowing schools to extract ever-increasing amounts of money from students and taxpayers; and   

WHEREAS, a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study has shown this increase in student borrowing increases tuition costs $0.60 for each $1.00 of additional credit; and    

WHEREAS, the taxpayer has an interest in controlling the costs of education, even at private institutions, due to the indirect student loan subsidy; and   

WHEREAS, colleges and universities are spending increasing amounts on administration versus education; now therefore, be it   

RESOLVED, the increase in tuition and fees at public universities should be limited to the increase in the Consumer Price Index; and be it further  

RESOLVED, the growth in administrative costs at public universities should be no greater than the growth in education costs; and be it further  

RESOLVED, that the Washington State legislature mandate reductions in the percentage of non-teaching staff at public colleges and universities; and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, that students seek loans from the private marketplace and that the Federal government no longer guarantee student loans (nor strip students of bankruptcy protection), thereby forcing universities to control tuition increases and ensuring banks and universities have a stake in each student’s financial success.   

Resolution to Limit the Power of the Governor of Washington State to Act in Pandemic Emergencies

WHEREAS, the Washington State Constitution gives “emergency powers” only to the legislature, and only for the purpose of ensuring governmental continuity; and  

WHEREAS, the legislature has adopted and amended RCW 43.06.220 to provide the governor with far more sweeping powers, with little legislative oversight; and 

WHEREAS, Governor Inslee, in response to the pandemic, has chosen to lay harsh restrictions on the people of Washington, damaging the economy of our state and the welfare of our people; and  

WHEREAS, some of Governor Inslee’s orders have been unfair, including the designation of all government construction essential while also deeming most private construction work nonessential; and 

WHEREAS, Governor Inslee’s actions clearly violate subsection (2) (g) (iii) of RCW 43.06.220, which prohibits the governor from overturning the protections given by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, particularly, the right to peaceably assemble; and 

WHEREAS, Governor Inslee has taken these actions with no legislative oversight, a situation ripe for current and future abuse; now therefore, be it  

RESOLVED, that those emergency actions of Governor Inslee, restricting public assembly for a redress of grievances, be acknowledged as violations of both state law and the US Constitution and immediately rescinded; and be it further  

RESOLVED, that the Washington State Legislature immediately reconvene to assess the governor’s actions and rescind any unlawful or unfair provisions; and finally, be it further 

RESOLVED, that the state legislature must amend RCW 43.06.220 to clearly define a governor’s emergency powers and to mandate legislative review after 30 days for any emergency actions taken by a governor.    

Resolution to Oppose Climate Extremism

WHEREAS, weather events that appear to be abnormal (warmer or colder, dryer or wetter, or windier than average) are presented by the media as resulting from man-made climate change; 

WHEREAS, for many years dire predictions of climate disaster have failed to come true; and  

WHEREAS, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is necessary for life on the planet earth; and 

WHEREAS, the fear of extreme weather conditions and disasters to which our young school children are exposed causes psychological stress; and  

WHEREAS, there is no scientific “consensus” on climate change, and furthermore science is not settled by consensus; therefore, let it be 

RESOLVED, that the teaching of political doctrines promoting fear of climate change must be balanced with less hysterical climate science and include reviews of historical patterns of extreme weather conditions and their actual impact on society; and let it be further  

RESOLVED, that we oppose all forms of censoring of opinions regarding climate science, and that we wish to promote more balanced presentations in the media; and finally, let it be further 

RESOLVED, that hiring practices in public institutions must not discriminate against persons whose opinions differ from those who support climate change theory and fear of extreme weather. 

Respectfully submitted by: Jeff Matson, PCO, Precinct 41-3786 Cecil Joe Tomlinson, PCO, Precinct 47-Berrydale    

Resolution Supporting the Second Amendment

WHEREAS, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution secures an individual right to bear arms for self-defense; and 

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court in McDonald v. City of Chicago in 2010 upheld that the Second Amendment applies everywhere, to the states as well as federal jurisdictions like Washington, D.C.; and 

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court in District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008 held that the right to bear arms is considered a fundamental right; and 

WHEREAS, the gun control lobbies are proposing new Washington State legislation that would undermine the rights of law-abiding citizens; now, therefore, be it 

RESOLVED, that the King County Grand Old Party (KCGOP), on behalf of its members: 

1. opposes House Bill 2947 to ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of magazines that hold more than fifteen rounds of ammunition; 

2. opposes House Bill 2240 and Senate Bill 6027 to ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer, etc. of magazines that hold more than fifteen and ten rounds of ammunition respectively. So called “high capacity” magazines are in fact standard equipment for commonly owned firearms; 

3. opposes House Bill 1315 and Senate Bill 5174 to require onerous government red tape and further training to obtain a Concealed Pistol License; 

4. and opposes House Bill 2519 to ban online sales of ammunition, and potentially require background checks for all ammunition purchases.

Respectfully submitted by, Joe Merritt, 5th Legislative District.