President: Donald J. Trump

Vice President: Mike R. Pence

Statewide Candidates

2020 Governor: Loren Culp

As a U.S. Army Soldier, Loren honed his leadership skills in the Drill Sergeant School which he then used to help turn civilians into soldiers. He was the Honor Graduate for his class of Combat Engineers and an Honor Graduate of the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy for Leadership.

2020 Lt. Governor: Joshua Freed (Write-In)*

Joshua’s experience as a leader in small business, local government, and helping those in need make him uniquely qualified to tackle the biggest challenges facing our state. He founded his real estate company with the vision of developing strong communities for families. He launched his company at the beginning of the worst economic downturn our country had seen since the depression, building five homes per year. He grew the business during the Great Recession into one of the premier locally owned home builders in the Puget Sound Region.

2020 Attorney General: Matt Larkin

Matt is a lifelong Washingtonian who lives in Woodinville with his wife Shelly and their 4 small children. He Double Majored (BA) In Political Science and Social Science at Westmont College, earned his Law Degree (JD) from Gonzaga University School of Law, and went on to get his Masters of Law Degree (LLM) from George Washington School of Law. Matt has worked in the White House for the former President of the United States, served as a prosecutor in Pierce and Spokane counties, and is currently working as Chief Corporate Legal Counsel for his family’s manufacturing business in Bothell. He is excited to bring a fresh perspective to the office of Attorney General.

2020 Secretary of State: Kim Wyman

Kim has been a state and national leader in voter registration and elections innovation, serving on numerous organizations. She is a state and national certified elections administrator who has dedicated over 24 years to improving elections, promoting civic engagement and connecting people with their government.

2020 State Treasurer: Duane Davidson

Duane has a long history of bringing efficiency and transparency to government. As our state treasurer, he led Washington state in receiving a AAA bond rating for the first time in state history. The office also developed the Washington State Fund Directory which allows state agencies and local governments to more easily find resources available for financing projects.

2020 State Auditor: Chris Leyba

Chris Leyba is an 11-year police officer and detective in Washington. During this time he also spent 3 years as a law enforcement auditor in a unit responsible for the consent decree response to the U.S. Department of Justice. Chris hopes to bring his experience as the only accredited auditor in the race to become the first Republican WA state auditor since 1933.

2020 Commissioner of Public Lands: Sue Kuehl Pederson

Sue Kuehl Pederson is running to restore leadership to Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the agency responsible for managing about 3 million acres of public land, as well as 2.6 million acres of aquatic areas. Sue’s distinguished career in natural resources management makes her well equipped to guide DNR toward an approach focused on abundance rather than limitations to the uses and stewardship of our forests, aquatic, and agricultural lands. Sue will encourage smart logging to decrease disease and runaway fires in our forests. This will restore timber industry jobs, and boost revenues for our schools, counties, fire districts and other public entities. It will also reduce the horrific air pollution we’ve been having with out-of-control forest fires.

2020 Superintendent of Public Instruction: Maia Espinoza

Maia is a teacher, parent and entrepreneur. She’s fighting to re-imagine a public education system that puts the needs of students and families first. With experience as a non-profit founder, small business-owner, legislative liaison and community advocate, Maia is a proven leader and problem-solver. She demands accountability and challenges the status quo.

Congressional Candidates

CD-1: Jeffrey Beeler

CD-7: Craig Keller

CD-8: Jesse Jensen

CD-9: Doug Basler

Judicial Candidates

Washington State Supreme Court Justice, Position 3:

Dave Larson

King County Superior Court:

Andrea Robertson

Legislative District Candidates

Legislative District 1

Jeb Brewer

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 5

Ken Moninski

State Representative Position 1

Corey Bailey (Write-In)

State Representative Position 2

Mark Mullet

LD 5, State Senator (RECOMMENDED)

Legislative District 11

Sean Atchison

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 30

Martin Moore

State Representative Position 1

Jack Walsh

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 31

Drew Stokesbary

State Representative Position 1

Eric Robertson

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 33

Kerry French

State Representative Position 1

Legislative District 37

Stephen Richter (Write-In)

State Representative Position 1

Levi Sweeney (Write-In)

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 39

Keith Wagoner

LD 39, State Senator

Robert Sutherland

State Representative Position 1

Carolyn Eslick

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 41

Mike Nykreim

LD 41, State Senator

Al Rosenthal

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 43

Leslie Klein

House of Representatives Position 1

Legislative District 46

Eric Brown

State Representative Position 1

Beth Daranciang

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 47

Kyle Lyebyedyev

State Representative Position 1

Ted Cooke

State Representative Position 2

Legislative District 48

Vic Bishop

State Representative Position 1

Tim Hickey

State Representative Position 2