Make a Real Difference, Starting With Your Neighborhood

The KCGOP Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are the grassroots of the King County Republican Party. They serve on the front lines of our elections, engage with their neighbors, build strong communities, and ensure strong Republican turnout in our elections.

What are the duties of a PCO?

  • Identify Republicans in your precinct
  • Register likely Republicans to Vote
  • Make sure neighbors in your precinct are registered to vote
  • Remind Republicans in your precinct to vote
  • Elect party leadership
  • Support Republican candidates running for office

Why are PCOs important?

  • PCOs are the grassroots of the King County Republican Party
  • Neighborhoods with PCOs have higher voter turnout
  • PCOs help elect candidates for office al the wat from school board to statewide offices.
  • Many elected officials began as a PCO– having a strong pool of PCOs leads to a pipeline for future elected leaders. 

Need help finding your Precinct?

Follow the instructions at the link here to find your districts

Where do I file to be a PCO candidate?

Online PCO filing is available 24 hours a day starting May 11, 2020, at 9 am and ending on May 15, 2020, at 4 pm. You can file online here

What should I do ahead of time?

Verify that your voter registration information is correct at My Voter Information, read the PCO Candidate Manual, and let us know about your intent to run for PCO here.

What if I want to be a PCO right now?

Interested in being appointed for the remainder of the 2020 term? Please contact [email protected] and let him know about your intent to become a PCO for the rest of this term.

From KCGOP Chair Cynthia Cole:

Do you want to get more involved and become an officer with the Republican Party?

The King County Republican Party needs you! We are actively looking for Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) across King County to become active members of the Republican Party.

PCOs are the backbone of the Republican Party. Every precinct in King County needs a Republican representative to get the word out about the Republican Party and our great candidates. As a PCO, you can be a positive influence in your community while supporting the party that protects your rights established in the United States Constitution.

Will you join us and become an officer in the Republican Party?

Yes, I want to become an officer in the Republican Party!