BELLEVUE, WA – The King County Republican Party (KCGOP) is deeply troubled by recent developments that have raised serious concerns about transparency and the integrity of our electoral process.

During the recent Primary Election, a significant event unfolded – the replacement of the primary tabulation server, the central component of the election process. This replacement necessitated a Logic and Accuracy Test (L&A Test) to certify the server as compliant to conduct elections in Washington State. Astonishingly, the KCGOP was not notified of this server replacement or the subsequent required L&A Test. Such a failure to inform and involve political parties directly violates the essence of WAC 434-335-330 and WAC 434-335-310, which mandate the notification of political parties and their participation in these critical tests to safeguard election integrity, in accordance with RCW 29.A.12.130.

Compounding these concerns, our public records request revealed that the security camera meant to capture the L&A Test was not operational on the day of the test. The absence of video documentation during a pivotal phase of the electoral process amplifies our apprehensions regarding transparency, accountability, and adherence to the law.

While we appreciate Director Wise’s response from the King County Elections Office to our letter outlining our concerns, the proposed changes for future elections fall short of addressing the procedural breakdown and lack of compliance with state laws that have occurred. A mere apology does not suffice when the trust in our elections is on the line.

KCGOP Chairman Mathew Patrick Thomas declared, “This isn’t merely a procedural lapse; it represents a breach of public trust. Our electoral process is the bedrock of our democracy, and any actions undermining its transparency and integrity must be swiftly and decisively rectified.”

We demand a thorough and transparent investigation into the incident, along with a rigorous examination of King County Elections to determine any and all violations of state laws and regulations. Immediate steps must be taken to rectify these issues and reassure the public that the upcoming General 2023 Election will be conducted with unwavering compliance with all legal requirements.

The KCGOP remains vigilant in its commitment to ensuring fair, legal, and transparent elections. We expect nothing less from those entrusted with administering them.